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Five Ways to Ace Your Next Networking Event



Depending on your personality type, networking events can either be extremely fun and productive or downright scary and nerve racking. The good news is, it's extremely common to feel intimidated or uneasy in large groups of strangers.


To avoid your next networking event feeling like you've been transported back to your first high school dance (yes, we remember the horror!), follow these five strategies to make the most it.

1. Be Yourself

Yes, your Mum's infamous words are echoing in your ears by now. But really, this one is true. At their core, networking events are meant to be a starting off point for relationship building. Being yourself from the get-go will give the other person an honest indication of who you are and what your company represents. Remember, people respond most to those who are genuine and authentic. Treating people like they are your friends is the best way to build rapport, trust and ultimately, new business opportunities.

2. Find the Bar

You don't have to be a drinker to follow this one. Positioning yourself by the bar, is a great strategy as you will naturally see tons of traffic coming and going throughout the evening. Most people tend to head to the bar after they enter and it's great place to make an introduction while people are waiting for their drinks.

3. Introduce Yourself to the Organiser or Sponsor

This is a great way to learn more about their organisation or project and usually, they can help point you in the right direction of who you should be speaking to, based on your requirements for the event.

4. Ask Questions

This is truly the only way to get to know someone. Be sure to ask educated and thoughtful questions.  The best way to walk away from a conversation is to have allowed the other person to speak openly and freely about their business. Not only will they feel great that you took an interest, but you’ll have gotten to know a lot about their business.

5. Take Notes

Once you’ve had a successful conversation  and you get the other person’s business card, write down a few brief notes after you’ve walked away. This will help you to recall the specifics of your conversation and will allow you to be more personalised in your follow-up the next day.

Alright, now you’re completely prepared to rock your next networking event and hopefully build some meaningful relationships in the process. And remember; everyone comes to a networking event as a stranger, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to make the most of it!

Sponsor profile: DEGE Eco VIllage - Luxury living in Tanzania


For the first time in Tanzania; a master-planned community with world class infrastructure, facilities and amenities.


Welcome to Dege Eco Village

Dege Eco Village is a charming, modern community with tastefully designed two, three, and four bedroom apartments and villas to fit any lifestyle. It is strategically located in Kigamboni, Dar-es-Salaam.  Every apartment and villa is designed to please and accommodate a variety of individual tastes.

Explore the DEGE Eco Village Masterplan here.

The Magnificence of Luxury Living  

Located conveniently close to shopping centers, entertainment, and easy highway access, Dege Eco Village is also nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood with amusement parks around. Dege Eco Village offers luxury and amenities you deserve, and the quality you can afford.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

About Dar Es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam is the third fastest growing city in Africa and ninth fastest growing city in the world. Dar Es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and is located on a natural harbor it is the hub of Tanzania’s business activity.


This project is being constructed by Turkish contractors and construction has already commenced, while thousands of apartments have already been completed. The project is scheduled to deliver its first phase of 159 villas and bungalows as well as commercial center at the beginning of 2016.  

To learn more about DEGE Eco Village please visit their website or email



A big thank you to DEGE Eco Village for exclusively sponsoring Masterkey’s Connect networking event, taking place in Dubai at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Media City on Nov. 23rd, 2015. This event was made possible through their generous support.

Invite your friends to the Connect event @ Radisson Blu Hotel

 Monday November 23rd - 7:30 to 10:30 pm

Dusk Terrace, 8th Floor Rooftop, East Tower

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City

  (*please note location change from last event)


This is a free event for all real estate professionals.

(Business cards are a must!)



Release Notes (Q4 2015)

Version 4.8.53 (18 October 2015)

  • New: We can now do the branding of Public URL.
  • New: You can include matches in the follow up emails.
  • UI Refactoring for Side panel CSS with Sass and Compass.
  • Small enhancements to improve the efficiency of the system. 

Version 4.8.52 (04 October 2015)

  • New: You can now provide the date when adding a watermark. It will only watermark NEW images (entered on/after the date you have placed) and not images that are already uploaded.
  • We now have the centralized new email composer. 
  • You can now setup the mandatory No. of fittings and fixtures per group by using a policy “Unit Validate”
  • Improvements to customization framework of transaction wizard. 

Announcing Fully Managed Email Campaign Services from Masterkey


 Fully Managed Email Campaign Services from Masterkey

We are excited to announce the launch of our email campaign management services. No design or management skills required. We'll build amazing custom email templates with your company’s logo, branding and information. All you need to do is provide us with the content and we’ll make the rest happen! We’ll even manage your various mailing lists including unsubscribes and segmentation.

Customised solutions to fit your business

You may or may not have had experience working with email marketing campaigns in the past but perhaps know how effective they can be for lead generation; especially in the real estate industry. We'll work with you to develop a strategy that makes sense for your agency and then manage it for you to get you on the road to email marketing success! 


Ways our campaign services can market your business:

We will schedule and send on your behalf:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Weekly promotions or ‘best deals’
  • Event or open house invites to your clients
  • Scheduled holiday greetings
  • Launch announcements as soon as a developer unveils project
  • Follow up & thank you emails from agents

and much more. Our packages are completely customisable and start from as little as AED 2,000 per month.

Some of the options our services include are:

  • Customisable templates to reuse
  • Fully responsive design which makes it compatible on your client's computer, phone or tablet
  • List management, segmentation & unsubscribes
  • Unlimited contacts per mailer
  • Detailed success report after each campaign
  • Priority email scheduling as soon as a developer unveils project



Let's get started.

Introduce yourself by clicking below and we'll get in touch to discuss your requirements further.



Cityscape Global 2015 Recap: The region’s first Multi-listing System now fully integrated with Masterkey


Watch: Daniel Hart, CEO, Masterkey Cityscape Global Conference, Dubai. September 5, 2015.


Speaking at the recent Real Estate Brokers programme at Dubai's annual Cityscape Global conference, CEO of Masterkey, the leading UAE real estate management software, discussed the huge amount of time, money and resources wasted from duplicate listings.

Let's start with a quick definition. Listings are considered to be duplicates when a single property is listed more than once by multiple brokers or agencies. These and other online listings whose physical locations match but the agent details vary, are considered duplicates. Every year, at least US $272 million (AED 1 billion) is lost within the UAE’s online real estate market due to duplicate listings.

Daniel and our team at Masterkey calculated this figure using data from the Land Department and guesstimates from several brokers and agencies. Keep in mind that the number also takes into consideration the amount of time, office overheads, and extra marketing expenses that firms waste as a result of duplicate listings.

 “It is a major headache in our industry, and evidence suggests that the AED 1 billion our team has calculated is likely a conservative figure,” he said.

To combat these issues, we've created a centralized location within Masterkey where agents have access to the MLS and to over 75 different property portals, both within the UAE and internationally. This portal zone is a place where users can create one listing, publish it to multiple portals (both free and paid) as well as manage their individual accounts with each respective portal. Masterkey users can also monitor and maintain theirs and their colleague's listings as well as search the entire public database (owners details are kept private).

We've recently made this dream a reality when we launched the region's first Multi Listing System (MLS) in 2014 and it is now fully integrated for Masterkey users to use to full advantage. The platform allows agents and admins to easily distribute and share listings, increase visibility of advertisements and helps manage agents’ expansive portfolio of properties and contacts.

To inquire more about Masterkey, our services or products, please email:

Release Notes (Q3 2015)

Version 4.8.50 (20 September 2015)

  • New: Original Leased Date, Bounced Cheques & Rent Updated fields are now added in the upcoming renewal sidebar. 
  • You can now add multiple templates for lead SMS notifications.
  • New: Prior notification to closing date is now available in the transaction file. This refers to the date whereby Buyer & Seller agree to complete all procedures and requirements to transfer the property to the buyer's name. The system will send an auto email notification 7 days before the closing date so that the concerned parties are aware of the upcoming deadlines.
  • Improvements to customization framework of transaction wizard.  

Version 4.8.49 (06 September 2015)

  • New: Fields for Closing and Deed Transfer are now available in the transaction file. This refers to the date whereby Buyer & Seller agree to complete all procedures and requirements to transfer the property to the buyer's name. The system will send an auto email notification 7 days before the closing date so that the concerned parties are aware of the upcoming deadlines. Both these fields are available in sidebar “Reservations” & Advance Search.
  • New: You can now add and print multiple cost details related to a work order file. You can also post these invoices to the transaction (Accounts). 

Version 4.8.49 (23 August 2015)

  • You can now mask the location of the unit on the map, when a public url preview is generated.
  • You can now differentiate between users who are locked out due to many failed login attempts and inactive users. An email notification will be sent to the admin when a user gets locked.
  • Contact auto complete is now available on Email composer (Unit Card).
  • Several improvement tasks related to Telephony Integration.

Version 4.8.48 (09 August 2015)

  • Social Media Integration: You can now publish your listing on LinkedIn from Masterkey.
  • Dashboard: New widget “Links” is now available on dashboard. You can use this widget to add your favorite links as bookmarks.
  • Email Integration: You now have the ability to categorize a specific activity type as an “Auto Activity” so that leads do not get de-escalated when an “Auto Activity” is created against a lead.

Version 4.8.46 (12 July 2015)

  • Public URL: You can now generate a public URL of your listing and share it on Facebook, Twitter and SMS.
  • Email composer: New email composer is now available on Contact an Unit Zones.
  • Payment Integration: Payment wizard has been integrated with PayPal.

Masterkey to sponsor Real Estate Brokers Conference at Cityscape Dubai 2015






Masterkey, Dubai’s leading real estate CRM software and solutions provider, has signed on to sponsor the Real Estate Broker’s Summit (REBS), taking place at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai on Monday September 7th, in conjunction with the city’s annual and highly anticipated Cityscape Global exhibition.

This year’s REBS will focus on critical topics of discussion, including the growth and development of the real estate brokerage industry in 2015 and a comprehensive overview of the market looking towards 2016. The keynote speaker, Eng. Marwan bin Ghulaita, head of RERA, Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency will discuss new regulations to the market, their impact on brokers, and the progress of already established legislation.

Masterkey’s CEO, Daniel Hart, will join the summit’s featured panel discussion with Mr. Sultan Al Akraf, Senior Manager of Registration Services at the Dubai Land Department and other key industry leaders. Mr. Hart said of the conference;

“This year, I’m looking forward to help facilitate communication and debate between real estate professionals. This platform will give the industry the opportunity to discuss with peers as well as government authorities”  He pointed out, “the programme is well designed to address the challenges and changes in the industry as well as to put in place the groundwork for the future collaboration.

With over 11 years experience in Dubai’s real estate market, Masterkey has established itself as the region’s leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, encompassing all sectors of the industry; from agents and brokers to property managers and developers. In addition to CRM software solutions, Masterkey also provides customised integrations and consultancy services to aid in advancement of their clients’ businesses.

For more information on the Real Estate Broker’s Summit, please visit the Cityscape website and RSVP to secure your space at the conference.






Contact Information

For any PR related inquiries for Masterkey please contact:

Kayla Couture

Marketing & Communications Manager

Masterkey Systems

PO Box 333415

Dubai UAE

tel: +971 4 425 7733

Renowned Managing Director of Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers, dies tragically in hotel dispute.

We at Masterkey were extremely shocked and saddened to hear of the untimely passing of Mr. Mahendran Yadav, the owner of Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers, who has served his company as Managing Director for over the last 13 years and became a prominent figure within the real estate community in the UAE. 

Mr. Yadav's death came to a shock to many,  as news was released on Tuesday August 11th that the prominent businessman of Indian descent was involved in a dispute with another Arab national guest while both were attending a shisha lounge at The One and Only Royal Mirage on Sunday August 9th. Allegedly, the two were involved in a row over group pictures Mr. Yadav's group had been taking. Apparently the battle became embroiled and an attack took place where Mr. Yadav was struck over the head with a mobile device. 

An ambulance was called and Mr. Yadav was placed on life support at Rashid Hospital on Sunday night. His wife and family arrived on Monday and he was shortly after pronounced dead at 7:30 pm. It was noted in the press that a large group of people were gathered outside Rashid Hospital once the announcement of his death took place. 

Mr. Yadav earned a business degree from India’s Maduri Kamarj University, arrived in Dubai and was employed as a driver before we worked his way up the ladder and made his fortune as a real estate broker, heading up the Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers firm since 2003.

Many of his colleagues, friends and industry acquaintances have commented on various news outlets and publications to show their respect for the outstanding nature of this unique man:

"Mahendran you were a star in the real estate industry of Dubai, you will be a star in heaven. I pray for you and I am so sorry i didnt get to see you before you passed away. Bless your sweet honest soul. Keep smiling my lovely and dearest friend. You will be missed greatly, justice needs to be done for this terrible crime. You're in my heart and my memories. Rest in peace."

- Nicole via Arabian Business 

"have known Mahendren since 1998. He has been to my home in the USA several times. I have never met anyone who was more happy and unlikely to be involved in this kind of incident. I hope that justice is served. Mahendren, may you rest in peace. You, your wife, and children are in our prayers."

- J.E. French via Arabian Business

"I have dealt with Mahendran in 2002 and he came with me to each and every unit in the greens till we made the choice, later on he made me rent the same , sell the same and move on ahead . He was always helpful , genuine and never lied about the pros and cons. He was highly respected and will always be respected by one and all."

- Masooma via Arabian Business 

"A great person and he will be missed by us all. Mahendran brought the highest level of etiquette to our business and was a support and friend."

- Lucy Bush, Cluttons LLP via Arabian Business


We would like to offer our condolences to Mr. Yadav's family, colleagues and industry acquaintances for this tragic loss and wish peace and healing during this difficult time. 

Source: Arabian Business


Rank higher! What you need to know about dubizzle’s new content scoring system has introduced a new content scoring system which assigns a quality score to each of your listings based on the quality of the content you input into your advertisements.

This new quality scoring system was put into place in order to maintain relevant listings and to give dubizzle users a quality experience.

The higher the score you achieve, the higher ranking your ads will receive and thus, the more your ads will be seen by your potential clients.

We’ve broken down the top five factors that contribute to your dubizzle ranking and the requirements for each below:

  1. Ad Title - Keep your titles between 20 & 50 characters. Using ALL CAPS in your title will negatively impact your score.  

  1. Price - Property prices such as 1000 AED and 1,111,111,111 are obviously fake and will hurt your score, as well. Be honest and upfront with your buyers by stating the real listing price.

  1. Photo Count - An ad with no photos gets a score of 0%. A big no-no. You must upload a minimum of five photos to score well.

  1. Description - Your description should have at least 750 characters or about 150 words. You can use ALL CAPS but do so sparingly.

  1. Overall Score - Your overall score is a combination of the above factors; however, keep in mind that factors such as the photo count are more influential than others, according to dubizzle.

Bottom Line: The more effort you put into creating quality content for your listings, the more you’ll get out of your ads.

Dubizzle is actually not the only site to implement a ranking system for their advertisements. has also enforced similiar measures. In case you missed it, check out our last blog post: Top 10 Ways to Get the Best Quality Score on Property Finder.

**PRO TIP: Keep in mind that different portals have varying requirements to post your listings while achieving a decent quality content score. For example, propertyfinder requires a maximum of 1000 characters for description length while dubizzle sets theirs at a minimum of 750 characters. You can drastically reduce time and be super efficient by using in addition to your current CRM or listing service.

What is Airlist? is the first and only free listing tool that allows real estate agents to upload their property listings across all property portals. provides all agents the ability to manage their properties in one space, drastically reducing the time it takes to post listings across dozens of property portals.