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Rank higher! What you need to know about dubizzle’s new content scoring system has introduced a new content scoring system which assigns a quality score to each of your listings based on the quality of the content you input into your advertisements.

This new quality scoring system was put into place in order to maintain relevant listings and to give dubizzle users a quality experience.

The higher the score you achieve, the higher ranking your ads will receive and thus, the more your ads will be seen by your potential clients.

We’ve broken down the top five factors that contribute to your dubizzle ranking and the requirements for each below:

  1. Ad Title - Keep your titles between 20 & 50 characters. Using ALL CAPS in your title will negatively impact your score.  

  1. Price - Property prices such as 1000 AED and 1,111,111,111 are obviously fake and will hurt your score, as well. Be honest and upfront with your buyers by stating the real listing price.

  1. Photo Count - An ad with no photos gets a score of 0%. A big no-no. You must upload a minimum of five photos to score well.

  1. Description - Your description should have at least 750 characters or about 150 words. You can use ALL CAPS but do so sparingly.

  1. Overall Score - Your overall score is a combination of the above factors; however, keep in mind that factors such as the photo count are more influential than others, according to dubizzle.

Bottom Line: The more effort you put into creating quality content for your listings, the more you’ll get out of your ads.

Dubizzle is actually not the only site to implement a ranking system for their advertisements. has also enforced similiar measures. In case you missed it, check out our last blog post: Top 10 Ways to Get the Best Quality Score on Property Finder.

**PRO TIP: Keep in mind that different portals have varying requirements to post your listings while achieving a decent quality content score. For example, propertyfinder requires a maximum of 1000 characters for description length while dubizzle sets theirs at a minimum of 750 characters. You can drastically reduce time and be super efficient by using in addition to your current CRM or listing service.

What is Airlist? is the first and only free listing tool that allows real estate agents to upload their property listings across all property portals. provides all agents the ability to manage their properties in one space, drastically reducing the time it takes to post listings across dozens of property portals.

10 ways to get the highest ranking on


Propertyfinder has announced the implementation of a new ranking algorithm which assigns a quality score to each of your listings based on the content you input into your advertisements. Propertyfinder describes their quality score ranking system as a "...dynamic, real-time calculation that defines the position in which your properties are displayed in propertyfinder’s search results page.”

Why the change?

Well, quality scoring systems aren’t new. These types of algorithms are common among pay-per-click advertising portals such as Google and Bing and are enacted in order to maintain relevant listings in an effort to give clients a quality user experience.


So, how can you get the best quality score and ensure your real estate listings are consistently ranking in the top slots?

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that will contribute to higher quality scores:

  1. Post multiple images that are of good quality. Adding a minimum of five images is required; however, listings with more images perform better. Ensure all images are of a high resolution.

  1. Don’t stretch your watermark over the entire image. Pick a small, obscure area of the image and let your watermark live there. Wide scaled, gaping watermarks distract the user from seeing the actual image of the property.

  1. Avoid using ALL CAPS. Using only capital letters is considering yelling and is not professional. Even if you think it will make your listing stand out, it’s a big no-no.

  1. Keep your listing title short and accurate. 
Recommended title length is 60 characters maximum. Do not place the contact information inside the title of the listing.

  1. Ensure the description is unique and relevant. Only describe the actual property; do not include other information about your brokerage, the listing agent, or things not directly relevant to the property.  The description should be unique and not copied from other listings or the developer’s homepage.

  1. Provide an accurate location using the location tree. Provide the full location of the property according to propertyfinder’s location tree and make sure the location is accurate.

  1. Use the correct price when listing rentals. Indicate the frequency of a rental property correctly; per week, per month or per year. Refrain from misleading information; such as, breaking the total cost down into installments and publishing it as the actual price.

  1. Provide additional content. Listing the property’s amenities as well as providing a virtual tour will help the ad perform better.

  1. Get a “Verified Agent” account. Listings perform better if the individual agent account has been created within their backend with photo, name, license number.

  1. Enlist your colleagues to do the same. Propertyfinder also considers an “Agency score” which will reflect your overall level of service as a company and thus impact all your listings equally.

In addition, it is important to note that propertyfinder also looks at how users interact with your real estate listings when determining your overall quality score.

Bottom line: the better the content of your listing, the better it will rank.

Happy listing!

Maximize Your Reach with the New Portal Zone

At Masterkey, we understand that your time is valuable and every second in the real estate industry counts.  That’s why we developed an in-depth control panel designed to give you a complete overview when it comes to where and how you list your properties online.

In the new Portal Zone, we’ve centralised access to over 50 web portals, all in one convenient location within Masterkey, allowing you to manage, monitor and market your properties, easily and efficiently.

Simply login to Masterkey, click on the “Marketing” module  and select “Portals”.


With the simplified Portal Zone, you can:

  • View and manage all of your listings, as well as your company’s totals


  • See the status of your listings and when the portal was last updated


  • Contact the portal directly through the Masterkey application



Ready to get listing?

Log in to Masterkey now.



Check out the new and improved dashboard

We’ve revamped the look and feel of the dashboard, and it is looking great so far!


The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in, so the idea is to make it clean and simple, while giving you quick access to the important information you need most.


Go ahead and click the ‘switch to new dashboard’ link at the top of your dashboard to check it out


We’re adding new widgets with every release, but for now, you can start using these great features right away:



Search (Contacts and Units)


You can easily search for a Contact or a Unit through the ‘Quick Search’ widget, saving you the time (and clicks) it takes to navigate through different zones. See a unit summary or find a contact’s email or phone number in a matter of seconds.



Send SMS




Need to send an SMS to one of your clients or prospects? Try the new Send SMS widget, and quickly send a text message to any mobile number right from the dashboard. Better yet, we’ve given each customer 10 FREE SMS credits, so fire away!



Listings per Portal





The Listings per Portal does exactly what it says on the tin. It shows you the number of units published to your top four web portals as well as your company website.   



Customizing the Dashboard


To customize your dashboard, just click the edit button at the top right to add or remove widgets. You can also drag and drop your widgets to organize them any way you like.  


The dashboard is also designed to suit any platform you work on, whether you’re using a desktop, iPad, or even your mobile phone.


Don’t love the new dashboard yet? Don’t worry. You can still switch back to the old dashboard while we continue perfecting the new one. We’re adding more widgets based on user feedback, so we’re pretty sure that once it’s all said and done, you won’t want to switch.  If you have a particular widget in mind that you’d like us to work on, feel free to drop us a line


For more updates on the Dashboard, stay connected via our blog or social media.   You may also ask your questions during one of our regularly scheduled webinars or Open Houses.  

Deal Alert: EZHeights offers an exclusive deal for Masterkey clients

Blog image v2.jpg

Is your competition killing your online listings by posting multiple listings a day for the same property? Sick of seeing four-bedroom villas being listed on Palm Jumeirah for AED 1? With EZHeights, UAE’s most reliable property listing portal, listings are manually approved so you’re guaranteed of quality listings.

Take advantage of the two-month free trial with EZHeights and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Posting of unlimited property listings

  • Properties highlighted on the Recommended Property section

  • 1 impact banner on the detail page

  • 100 refreshes a day

This free trial is valid until July 31, 2015.  


For more information about this offer, simply email or contact +971 50 911 8728.


Company Profile

EZHeights is an innovative, one-stop online portal for buying and selling. It’s a dynamic destination for hundreds of new listings and thousands of red-hot buyers.    


With an advanced, built-in technology and user-friendly design, EZHeights makes it simple for sellers and buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Ensuring the quality of listings, EZHeights manually approves its property listings making them one of UAE’s most reliable property portals.  

Get notified instantly when someone exports your data

Data security is paramount to any system, CRM or otherwise, especially when multiple parties are involved. At Masterkey, we have a rule: The customer’s data is exclusively that, the customer’s.

In past updates, we’ve shared with you how to restrict access to users from the System Admin Module. With restricted access, your users can have access to data only to the extent that they need for their jobs. This includes the ability to restrict access to the data export feature.

In line with efforts to keep your data secure, we’ve recently released a feature that allows administrators to be notified when someone from within the organization exports data from Masterkey.

For example, when a user exports contact details from the contact zone, the group administrator will instantly receive an email notification containing the details of  this activity. Simultaneously, Masterkey is able to log this activity and identify what data file was  exported, together with the date and the time it was exported.

This is just one of the many measures that Masterkey has implemented to ensure the highest levels of security. All sensitive data is encrypted using above-industry-standard encryption, restricting even staff within Masterkey to access it without you  specifically granting Support access to your system.

More security features are planned in the coming weeks. Stay connected via our blog, or ask your questions during one of our regularly scheduled webinars or Open Houses. Here is some suggested reading in the meantime around defining and managing user access in Masterkey knowledge-based articles.   

Deal Alert: Get started with and sign up for a free trial!



Interested in listing on Sign up now and enjoy the benefits. has just announced an exclusive deal for Masterkey customers.

Discover how easy it is to post and promote your listings using proprietary professional terminal.  No monthly subscription.  No exit clauses to tie you in.

Your free trial will include:

  • Mobile listing display

  • Bilingual listing display

  • Secure login to your Professional Terminal (back end listing management system)

  • Central listings dashboard

  • Centralized leads activities

  • Beta exclusive one additional language to your Professional Terminal  


This free trial is valid for the Beta duration which is a minimum 3 month period from the sign-up date and is subject to terms and condition.  The free trial is only for the first 30 companies so hurry and sign up now.

Please visit to register or send an email to to know more about the promo.  

Company Profile is an Arabic and English property search engine focused on the Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural sales and rental market in the United Arab Emirates. It is owned and operated by Property Wifi LLC a Limited Liability Company, a member of the Sheikh Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and Dubai SME.

Launched in February 2015, the beta was developed by Propertywifi’s in-house talents, dedicated team of design, programming and business specialists, using the latest technology to enable a detailed and visually stunning showcase of property advertising. will be announcing a series of innovative products over the next several months that will expand UAE real estate professionals reach and ability to communicate and sell into new markets.

To our newest clients, welcome aboard!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest clients:

  1. Al Zakia Real Estate  (Dubai, UAE)

  2. Alvi Real Estate (Dubai, UAE)

  3. Christie's International Real Estate (Dubai, UAE)

  4. DOM Real Estate (Dubai, UAE)

  5. Homes & Lands S.A.L.  (Beirut, Lebanon)

  6. International Real Estate Brokerage (Dubai, UAE)

  7. Maher Al Hindi Real Estate (Dubai, UAE)

  8. North Ridge Properties L.L.C. (Dubai, UAE)

  9. Strata International Management & Development  (Jeddah, KSA)

We are thrilled to have these companies on board with Masterkey.  We look forward to a fruitful and prosperous business relationship!

Check out the new and improved email composer

We’ve completely revamped the email composer in Masterkey for a cleaner, more responsive design, added formatting and layout options, and created a bigger text box for your messages!


With the new formatting and layout options, similar to what you would find in Microsoft Word, it is now much easier for you to highlight important text in your email, make bullet points and numbered lists, and change the text size. If you copy and paste emails into the composer, you can also strip old formatting using the ‘remove formatting’ button to ensure a consistently formatted email.  

The above is all fine and good, but we’ve saved the best for last...

You can now include links to your property unit cards when you send emails to your leads. With the new composer, you can simply search for units to include inside the body of the email directly. You’ll no longer have to go through the unit zone one by one to look for units, which will certainly save you a lot of time.


Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 00.48.56.png

We’re not done yet...

With our next release comes the ability to send emails to multiple leads in one go, unit cards, mail merge and all. It’ll be the same smooth experience as before but with a lot more options available. We’ll keep you posted on the progress through our blog or better yet, follow us on Facebook for all feature updates.  

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 5.13.31 PM.png

By Abbas Hayat, Director of R&D and Consulting

Thanks for making our 9th Connect Event a huge success!

Our 9th Connect Event was simply awesome, and here’s a quick recap of what went down on the night of  March 30th at the Tamanya Terrace, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City.  

Over 200 real estate professionals attended and enjoyed some free drinks and great networking.  

The real estate community had the chance to connect with one another through our Instagram Challenge, where they were asked to snap a photo with another agent from a different company.  Visit our Instagram and look for #masterkeyconnect to see those who took on the challenge.

As usual, we also gave away some awesome prizes too.  Livia Kubara from Lannhill Real Estate won a voucher for dinner for two at Certo, and Alyona Kusenko from Always Property took home the overnight hotel stay with free breakfast at Radisson Blu, Dubai Media City. The night’s big winner, Deepak Arora from SNS Properties, walked away with a brand new iPhone 6. So congratulations to all the winners!   



Everyone had a ball, if the event photos are any indication.  Check out all of the night’s photos on the Airlist Facebook page.  Please feel free to share and tag yourself and your friends!

Last but most certainly not least, the Connect Event wouldn’t be as spectacular (or even possible) without the support of our amazing sponsors.  So a huge  “thank you” to Bayut and Airlist!

We’re already looking ahead to the next Connect Event, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.