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Masterkey Beta In Development

Well on our way to launching the new MasterKey beta, we’re going to reserve this category for news and updates related to the beta. Point person in this category will be Sohail Mazhar who’s leading the development process.

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MasterKey Website Redesign

As you probably know by now, MasterKey is undergoing a complete redesign (You can help us test the beta by the way! Sign up and give us your feedback and have a hand in making MasterKey what you want it to be.)

To go along with “Masterkey 4.0″, we are giving the website a new set of clothes as well. We went through several designs before settling on something that was light a easy to look at.

The new website follows accessibility guidelines (for people with disabilities) and we hope to have it function as a portal to the rest of MasterKey, with access to our other services, the blog, wiki, help and other good things.

Anyway, I thought I would give you some previews:


And in case you are interested, here are some of the initial drafts: