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Release Notes (Q1 2013)

Version (24/02/2013)

  • New: Auto-complete is now available for unit card sender based on your contacts.
  • New: You can now view international properties from the unit zone through a single page.
  • Improvements on the Smart sidebar and new contact look up.
  • Small enhancements and several bug fixes.
  • Major enhancements in order to improve the speed and efficiency of the system.


Version (10/02/2013)

  • New: Contact Look-up is now available on all Transaction Wizards.
  • The counters on the Smart Sidebar updates automatically When a new Lead comes in from the Website.
  • Several changes and improvements on the Smart sidebar and new contact look up.
  • Small enhancements and several bug fixes.


Version (27/01/2013)

  • New: SMS Notifications for all Masterkey users are now Free Of Charge.
  • Final set of reports for Smart Sidebar has gone live which includes Shared leads, Expired Leases and Open Work Orders.
  • You can now restrict or allow your users to edit or cancel receipts.
  • Corrections have been made in SMS's to Agents and Customers (warnings and logic). This is to remove some of the confusion around SMS credits and SMS's that go out from Masterkey.
  • All new groups would now have marketing module regardless of whether they're professional or premium.
  • Small enhancements and several bug fixes


Version (13/01/2013)

  • New: Masterkey Basic is now available.
  • New: New add contact with mandatory field settings is now available.
  • Several changes and improvements on the Smart sidebar reports.
  • Small enhancements and several bug fixes.


Release Notes (Q4 2012)

Version (30/12/2012)

  • New: You can now control "Send SMS" to customers through auto correspondence settings, on entering a new lead.
  • New: You are now able to set the paid date, when marking a payment as paid.
  • Additional Columns have been added in the receipt invoice report.
  • Support users can now change the company name from master group.
  • Final touches to the Smart Sidebar.
  • Small enhancements on contact look up and Add contact.
  • Several bug fixes and general enhancements.


Version (16/12/2012)

  • New: In order to make the process of adding contact as fast as possible, in the existing ‘Add new’ menus across all zones, contact has now been changed to show the Add contact Panel.
  • Major updates to Smart Sidebar.
  • Draft (Hidden Policy) is now available on the front end side for all premium Groups.
  • Cancellation of image uploading has now been optimized.
  • Small enhancements in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the system and several bug fixes.


Version (02/12/2012)

  • New: 10+ new reports have been added in smart sidebar.
  • New: On transaction related reports of smart sidebar, we’ve hidden the buyer name from the listing agent and hidden the landlord name from the buyer agent.
  • New: We've changed “New Units” report to include new units from the ‘last 2 days’ to the ‘last 30 days’.
  • New: Each smart sidebar has a hint at the top. This helps first time users know what the report shows and what a user needs to do.
  • New: You can now click on the "Unread button" at the top of every report on the smart sidebar to view only the unread items.
  • Small enhancements in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the system and several bug fixes.


Version (04/11/2012)

  • New: Sidebar is now ready with the most useful reports. We now have the control to allow companies and users to use it, in order to get the maximum feedback. 
  • When viewing a lead directly from sidebar, you can now also view the contact information. 
  • Small enhancements in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the system.
  • Several bug fixes.


Version (04/11/2012)

  • New: Agent's email and SMS functionality has now been activated on transferring lead.
  • New reports from the old sidebar have now been added in the new side bar project for internal testing.
  • Small enhancements in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the system.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version (21/10/2012)

  • New: Masterkey Basic Version.
  • New: System Alert : Design changes have been implemented and has been placed on top right.
  • New: The new activity email notifications are now activated in the system.
  • Small corrections in mature cheque report.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version (07/10/2012)

  • Optimization has now been done in the maintenance contract zone to make it perform consistently with the rest of the application.
  • VIP and Black listed client options have now been available in advance search.
  • Marketing title field is now included in advance search (Field Selection).
  • Minor fixes in report builder tour.
  • Small enhancements and several bug fixes.

First class of Advanced Certified out!

We hosted the first Advanced Training & Exam last week at our U-bora offices in Business Bay. Congratulations to the first group of users who passed the Advanced Certification!

Name Company Date
Elce Jimenez Key One Real Estate 20th February 2013
Claire Paula Asa St. Clair Real Estate 20th February 2013
Vineeth Sooryadevan Loyal Realty Brokers 20th February 2013
Janice P. Cera PRD Nationwide 20th February 2013

Today over 350 users have already received Masterkey Fundamental certificationand we’ve even seen it show up in CVs and job advertisements. If you’re not certified yet, get in touch with us and learn how you can also upgrade your skills

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New Customers: November Edition

This month we had six companies join the Masterkey Community. Welcome to Aaj Property, COREO Real Estate, Home of Plenty Real Estate, RCH Real Estate, Wadi Rum Properties, and Zabadani Real Estate!

Aaj Property Aaj Property Brokerage United Arab Emirates
COREO Real Estate COREO Real Estate Brokerage Qatar
Home of Plenty Real Estate Home of Plenty Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
RCH Real Estate RCH Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Wadi Rum Properties Wadi Rum Properties Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Zabadani Real Estate Zabadani Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates

Knowledge Base: November Update

We've published seven new articles this month, bringing the total number of help articles up to 73! The topics range from useful guides about 'how to generate an invoice' to very helpful tips about 'closing activities in bulk' and 'unmerging units'.

Knowledge base article

How to: Edit a Receipt »

Knowledge base article

How to: Cancel a Receipt »

Knowledge base article

How to: Generate an Invoice »

Knowledge base article

How to: Enable multiple Countries »

Knowledge base article

How to: Assign specific location access to Agents »

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How to: Close Activities in Bulk »

Knowledge base article

How to: Unmerge Units »

New Customers: October Edition

This month we had eight companies join the Masterkey Community. Welcome to Al-Enwan, Q Homes, Options Real Estate Brokers, Brokers XP, Sultan Holding, St. Clair Real Estates, Nova Homes Real Estate, and Property Universe!

Al-Enwan Al-Enwan Brokerage Saudi Arabia
Q Homes Q Homes Property Management / Brokerage Qatar
Options Real Estate Brokers Options Real Estate Brokers Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Brokers XP Brokers XP Brokerage Lebanon
Sultan Holding Sultan Holding Developer United Arab Emirates
St. Clair Real Estates St. Clair Real Estates Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Nova Homes Real Estate Nova Homes Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates

We’re honored Apple

We’d like to thank Apple for waiting to launch the new iPhone 5 until the weather in Dubai cooled down enough to host the next Connect Event. Rumour has it that Apple has noticed an increase in product awareness following the Connect Events as all events thus far have featured grand prizes from Apple.

Connect Events are popular events for all real estate professionals. If you want a chance to win the new iPhone 5, join us at this super-charged social networking event on October 22. RSVP on our facebook event page »

Do you stand out from the crowd?

We need more hands to keep up with the fast growing number of customers using Masterkey!


Masterkey is on a mission to redefine how software can serve the real estate industry worldwide. We are an eight-year running Dubai based organization that creates Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products for brokers, developers and property managers. As the leading company in our industry, we're still growing rapidly and looking for new colleagues who share our passion for real estate and software. As part of a small team, your work will have a positive impact on thousands of real estate professionals who rely on Masterkey for their day to day operations and listings information.


We're on the lookout for a Senior Consultant who can present Masterkey to Directors, General Managers and IT Staff. This person will manage client relations with many existing accounts, collect information about industry trends, and communicate with prospective clients. You can learn more about this position on Careers / Senior Consultant


We're also on the search for an expert Front-End Developer. You'll get to partner with our research and development teams to create new interfaces that bring clarity to our user base. Learn more about the position on Careers / Front-End Developer

RERA: Fines to agents who flout brokerage rules

By Gokhan Polat, Community Manager

I recently read an article on The National about how Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is planning to fine individual agents who are passing on confidential information or handling transactions without the approval of their company. According to Sultan Al Suwaidi (RERA), the breaches range from ‘cooperating with unlicensed brokers’, ‘failing to keep brokerage and client information private’ and to ‘closing contracts without the brokerage’s knowledge’.

I can definitely see how these breaches are problematic for brokerages, but I’m still stuck with a question is my mind: Why do we have these issues in the first place? I thought I’d ask Daniel who has been working in the Dubai real estate sector for more than 9 years.

“There are a number of reasons for why an agent would feel compelled to do a deal outside the brokerage. Some agents feel that if their brokerage was not involved in the deal, why should they share the commission? The agent’s argument is often based on the fact that you can meet potential buyers/sellers who haven’t had any interaction with your head office, especially if it’s a close friend or a relative the agent has known for many years prior to joining the brokerage.

Another factor is that many agents in their home country would have been able to do the transaction as a freelancer without the brokerage. In the UAE it’s near impossible to legally operate as a freelancer so many resort doing these deals well-knowing that it’s outside the rules.” - Daniel Hart, CEO @ Masterkey

So would the threat of fines force agents to comply with the rules? It’s an attempt to solve the problem, but a very tough one to implement. The main issue is that non-registered freelancers are allowed to get away and close deals. Before RERA can start giving out penalties to individual agents, it needs to have all property listings registered with Simsari and make sure that only the agents who have been registered can sell the property. This assures that RERA know who’s allowed to do the transaction.

In order for that to work, every advertising portal needs to have a Simsari number for each listing in the system and ensure that the Simsari number is verified. This will be difficult to enforce, because it requires getting the brokerages and advertising portals to collaborate with RERA much closer than they are today.

RERA could start giving out penalties based on accusations of outside brokerage deals, however this will not stop these deals from happening and may even force agents to use more illicit methods.