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Masterkey connects agents to 60,000+ listings in open Multi-Listing System (MLS)




Masterkey users can connect their listings to appear in the UAE's first truly open Multi Listing System. Users can enjoy high visibility and a broad distribution of their listings. Connecting to the MLS gives users access to all of the listings in the market as well as advanced search features and powerful digital tools to keep them at the top of their game in an increasingly challenging market.

What is an “open MLS”?

  • Simply put, an “open MLS” is a centralised database of listings where agents and agencies of all sizes can easily advertise their property listings, regardless of which CRM they use.

  • Many real estate CRM providers in today’s market discriminate against competitors’ listings and only allow access to those who use their software, thus limiting potential sales opportunities for their users.

  • Masterkey’s MLS accepts listings from any CRM provider in the market (including Masterkey, Airlist and others) and has created a platform where agents can maximise and multiply their sales opportunities through connecting with other brokers, agencies and property developers.

Why should users connect to the MLS?

  • This centralised database was created in order to avoid duplicate listings, saving time and allowing agents to work together to find more buyers and make more sales.

  • Enjoy widespread distribution of your listings with connections to over 75+ property portals both locally and internationally.

Who uses the MLS?

  • Individual agents

  • Marketing administrators

  • Brokers and agencies of all shapes and sizes

  • Property Developers advertising large scale projects and stock inventory

Ready to start?

Check out the following articles to get your listings integrated into the MLS today:

How to Activate the MLS

How to add your units to the MLS

How to search for units in the MLS

The 5 benefits of Masterkey email integration



Save yourself the hassle of switching between your email inbox and Masterkey and manage your correspondence more efficiently and effectively. Our new email integration tool is essential to efficient marketing, sales, leasing and management activities.

Benefits of Masterkey email integration:

  1. Manage all of your correspondence in one place without having to leave Masterkey; avoid losing important emails, attachments, or calendar events.

  1. You can integrate with any email client (Gmail, Outlook, IMAP, etc) and easily import past emails into Masterkey

  1. Reduce email clutter and focus only on what matters by keeping your customer’s emails inside Masterkey.

  1. See all emails associated with certain accounts, leads, contacts or opportunities; all in one location. You’ll get real-time insights into your customer’s needs.

  1. Keep a running history of all communication with your clients (should you be absent or on leave, your colleagues can easily access all correspondence with your clients).

Ready to integrate? Click here - it's easy!

Announcing Fully Managed Email Campaign Services from Masterkey


 Fully Managed Email Campaign Services from Masterkey

We are excited to announce the launch of our email campaign management services. No design or management skills required. We'll build amazing custom email templates with your company’s logo, branding and information. All you need to do is provide us with the content and we’ll make the rest happen! We’ll even manage your various mailing lists including unsubscribes and segmentation.

Customised solutions to fit your business

You may or may not have had experience working with email marketing campaigns in the past but perhaps know how effective they can be for lead generation; especially in the real estate industry. We'll work with you to develop a strategy that makes sense for your agency and then manage it for you to get you on the road to email marketing success! 


Ways our campaign services can market your business:

We will schedule and send on your behalf:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Weekly promotions or ‘best deals’
  • Event or open house invites to your clients
  • Scheduled holiday greetings
  • Launch announcements as soon as a developer unveils project
  • Follow up & thank you emails from agents

and much more. Our packages are completely customisable and start from as little as AED 2,000 per month.

Some of the options our services include are:

  • Customisable templates to reuse
  • Fully responsive design which makes it compatible on your client's computer, phone or tablet
  • List management, segmentation & unsubscribes
  • Unlimited contacts per mailer
  • Detailed success report after each campaign
  • Priority email scheduling as soon as a developer unveils project



Let's get started.

Introduce yourself by clicking below and we'll get in touch to discuss your requirements further.



Renowned Managing Director of Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers, dies tragically in hotel dispute.

We at Masterkey were extremely shocked and saddened to hear of the untimely passing of Mr. Mahendran Yadav, the owner of Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers, who has served his company as Managing Director for over the last 13 years and became a prominent figure within the real estate community in the UAE. 

Mr. Yadav's death came to a shock to many,  as news was released on Tuesday August 11th that the prominent businessman of Indian descent was involved in a dispute with another Arab national guest while both were attending a shisha lounge at The One and Only Royal Mirage on Sunday August 9th. Allegedly, the two were involved in a row over group pictures Mr. Yadav's group had been taking. Apparently the battle became embroiled and an attack took place where Mr. Yadav was struck over the head with a mobile device. 

An ambulance was called and Mr. Yadav was placed on life support at Rashid Hospital on Sunday night. His wife and family arrived on Monday and he was shortly after pronounced dead at 7:30 pm. It was noted in the press that a large group of people were gathered outside Rashid Hospital once the announcement of his death took place. 

Mr. Yadav earned a business degree from India’s Maduri Kamarj University, arrived in Dubai and was employed as a driver before we worked his way up the ladder and made his fortune as a real estate broker, heading up the Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers firm since 2003.

Many of his colleagues, friends and industry acquaintances have commented on various news outlets and publications to show their respect for the outstanding nature of this unique man:

"Mahendran you were a star in the real estate industry of Dubai, you will be a star in heaven. I pray for you and I am so sorry i didnt get to see you before you passed away. Bless your sweet honest soul. Keep smiling my lovely and dearest friend. You will be missed greatly, justice needs to be done for this terrible crime. You're in my heart and my memories. Rest in peace."

- Nicole via Arabian Business 

"have known Mahendren since 1998. He has been to my home in the USA several times. I have never met anyone who was more happy and unlikely to be involved in this kind of incident. I hope that justice is served. Mahendren, may you rest in peace. You, your wife, and children are in our prayers."

- J.E. French via Arabian Business

"I have dealt with Mahendran in 2002 and he came with me to each and every unit in the greens till we made the choice, later on he made me rent the same , sell the same and move on ahead . He was always helpful , genuine and never lied about the pros and cons. He was highly respected and will always be respected by one and all."

- Masooma via Arabian Business 

"A great person and he will be missed by us all. Mahendran brought the highest level of etiquette to our business and was a support and friend."

- Lucy Bush, Cluttons LLP via Arabian Business


We would like to offer our condolences to Mr. Yadav's family, colleagues and industry acquaintances for this tragic loss and wish peace and healing during this difficult time. 

Source: Arabian Business


Maximize Your Reach with the New Portal Zone

At Masterkey, we understand that your time is valuable and every second in the real estate industry counts.  That’s why we developed an in-depth control panel designed to give you a complete overview when it comes to where and how you list your properties online.

In the new Portal Zone, we’ve centralised access to over 50 web portals, all in one convenient location within Masterkey, allowing you to manage, monitor and market your properties, easily and efficiently.

Simply login to Masterkey, click on the “Marketing” module  and select “Portals”.


With the simplified Portal Zone, you can:

  • View and manage all of your listings, as well as your company’s totals


  • See the status of your listings and when the portal was last updated


  • Contact the portal directly through the Masterkey application



Ready to get listing?

Log in to Masterkey now.



Check out the new and improved dashboard

We’ve revamped the look and feel of the dashboard, and it is looking great so far!


The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in, so the idea is to make it clean and simple, while giving you quick access to the important information you need most.


Go ahead and click the ‘switch to new dashboard’ link at the top of your dashboard to check it out


We’re adding new widgets with every release, but for now, you can start using these great features right away:



Search (Contacts and Units)


You can easily search for a Contact or a Unit through the ‘Quick Search’ widget, saving you the time (and clicks) it takes to navigate through different zones. See a unit summary or find a contact’s email or phone number in a matter of seconds.



Send SMS




Need to send an SMS to one of your clients or prospects? Try the new Send SMS widget, and quickly send a text message to any mobile number right from the dashboard. Better yet, we’ve given each customer 10 FREE SMS credits, so fire away!



Listings per Portal





The Listings per Portal does exactly what it says on the tin. It shows you the number of units published to your top four web portals as well as your company website.   



Customizing the Dashboard


To customize your dashboard, just click the edit button at the top right to add or remove widgets. You can also drag and drop your widgets to organize them any way you like.  


The dashboard is also designed to suit any platform you work on, whether you’re using a desktop, iPad, or even your mobile phone.


Don’t love the new dashboard yet? Don’t worry. You can still switch back to the old dashboard while we continue perfecting the new one. We’re adding more widgets based on user feedback, so we’re pretty sure that once it’s all said and done, you won’t want to switch.  If you have a particular widget in mind that you’d like us to work on, feel free to drop us a line


For more updates on the Dashboard, stay connected via our blog or social media.   You may also ask your questions during one of our regularly scheduled webinars or Open Houses.  

Get notified instantly when someone exports your data

Data security is paramount to any system, CRM or otherwise, especially when multiple parties are involved. At Masterkey, we have a rule: The customer’s data is exclusively that, the customer’s.

In past updates, we’ve shared with you how to restrict access to users from the System Admin Module. With restricted access, your users can have access to data only to the extent that they need for their jobs. This includes the ability to restrict access to the data export feature.

In line with efforts to keep your data secure, we’ve recently released a feature that allows administrators to be notified when someone from within the organization exports data from Masterkey.

For example, when a user exports contact details from the contact zone, the group administrator will instantly receive an email notification containing the details of  this activity. Simultaneously, Masterkey is able to log this activity and identify what data file was  exported, together with the date and the time it was exported.

This is just one of the many measures that Masterkey has implemented to ensure the highest levels of security. All sensitive data is encrypted using above-industry-standard encryption, restricting even staff within Masterkey to access it without you  specifically granting Support access to your system.

More security features are planned in the coming weeks. Stay connected via our blog, or ask your questions during one of our regularly scheduled webinars or Open Houses. Here is some suggested reading in the meantime around defining and managing user access in Masterkey knowledge-based articles.   

To our newest clients, welcome aboard!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest clients:

  1. Al Zakia Real Estate  (Dubai, UAE)

  2. Alvi Real Estate (Dubai, UAE)

  3. Christie's International Real Estate (Dubai, UAE)

  4. DOM Real Estate (Dubai, UAE)

  5. Homes & Lands S.A.L.  (Beirut, Lebanon)

  6. International Real Estate Brokerage (Dubai, UAE)

  7. Maher Al Hindi Real Estate (Dubai, UAE)

  8. North Ridge Properties L.L.C. (Dubai, UAE)

  9. Strata International Management & Development  (Jeddah, KSA)

We are thrilled to have these companies on board with Masterkey.  We look forward to a fruitful and prosperous business relationship!

Masterkey launches its Open House

Masterkey recently launched a monthly “Open House” event at our office, literally opening the doors to our clients for an informal and casual Q & A session. Compliments, concerns, praise, criticism… All feedback is welcome at this open forum. Hosted by Masterkey senior management, the event will take place on the last Thursday of every month.

The first installment of the Open House was proved successful, as attendees shared their experiences with Masterkey. We talked about what they appreciated most, where we could do better, and even noted down a few feature suggestions. We think everyone had a great time, but maybe that was just because of the strong coffee and tasty snacks.

The next Open House is scheduled for March 26th in our office. We hope to see you there!  

Masterkey 3-day Training

Masterkey Fundamentals

Know the basics of using Masterkey.  This seminar will let you learn the basic functionalities of Masterkey which includes adding a new lead, updating contact information, publishing on web portals, changing the unit status from available to sold/leased, etc.  The instructor will also give different scenarios that you may encounter while using the system and how to manage them effectively.  



Join for a productive start or quick refresh.


Date:   February 16 & 17, 2015 (Mon-Tue)

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on both days

Cost: AED 250 per user (includes Fundamentals Certificate)

Venue: Conference Room, 1st Floor, Ubora Office Tower, Business Bay

Masterkey Advanced Training for System Administrators

Further your knowledge of specific topics in Masterkey. This is for users who already have the Masterkey Fundamentals Certification and want to know more about user roles and permissions, customizing communication templates, and reporting.


Get the additional training that can enhance and maximize your full Masterkey experience.


Date:    February 18, 2015 (Wed)

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Cost: FREE for Masterkey Fundamentals Certified users

Venue: Conference Room, 1st Floor, Ubora Office Tower, Business Bay


Contact your account manager at +971 4 425 7733 or email to book your spot.




Abbas Ali is the Support and Training Manager and resident trainer at Masterkey.  A seasoned IT professional and effective communicator, Abbas is a highly accomplished and results oriented leader with over 10 solid years of experience in information technology consulting, product/project management, customer relationship management and business analysis.  


Abbas has been one of the catalysts in feature development initiatives in Masterkey from the time he joined in 2008.